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TitanLabs CLEAN CASH MACHINE™ kills more than just the Covid-19 virus.

TitanLabs CLEAN CASH MACHINE™ should also kill²  >99%* Staph and E-Coli Bacteria; Influenza A, SARS and Human Rhino Viruses (and many more).

* 3 UV-C Airstream Disinfection Application Guide for the Virus Ref: Walker, Chris & Ko, Gwangpyo. (2007). Effect of Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation on Viral Aerosols. Environmental science & technology. 41. 5460-5. looked at UVC effectiveness in air or in water.

Nature:  Inactivation of Listeria and E. coli by Deep-UV LED: effect of substrate conditions on inactivation kinetics.

TitanLabs is committed to using photonics to make the world a safer place. In addition to the TitanLabs CLEAN CASH MACHINE™  we are developing other point of sale technologies that insure CLEAN COINS  and CLEAN KEY PADS.

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  1. Source: Signify UV Light Degrades Coronavirus, Dr. Anthony Griffiths, Professor at Boston University School of Medicine. Published June 17-2020 LightED

  2. Kill is defined as the damage the virus RNA to a sufficient degree that it can no longer reproduce by infecting people.

  3. Chin A W H, Chu J T S, Perera M R A, et al. Stability of SARS-CoV-2 in different environmental conditions. Lancet Microbe 2020; published online April 2.

  4. SF Federal Reserve

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