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Only Takes 2 Seconds!!

A small device that uses UV light waves to kill viruses including the corona virus on cash

The device is easy to operate and works quickly to eliminates viruses on cash.

when the cash runs through the machine it is exposed to high intensity UV light that kills 98% of all known viruses, including COVID 19


version 1.0 Prototype

The Current Prototype is a low pressure mercury lamp based system with the primary UVGI wavelength of 253.7nm

The device encloses a region of high irradiance UVC light and high Heat called the kill zone. Paper currency is inserted into the front of the machine and is transported  through the kill zone and out of  the enclosure.


UV Technology 

TitanLabs CLEAN CASH MACHINE™ Utilizes UV technology to kill 98% of germs usually  found of cash 

When the cash runs through the machine it is exposed to 65876 of Uv utryt 

According to a recent study by djfg the corona virus is killed when it is exposeed to at least 8767 uv ghj.

Handling untreated cash  is a vector for transition of the SARS-CoV2 and many other pathogens


employees, costumers can be can be assured the cash  they receive has a greatly reduced colony of pathogens 

(see graphs )



We are currently applying with the government for testing with live virus. More info coming soon

Designs for Mass Market 

New designs for the clean machine using Led technology are currently in development

The new device will be more compact, more energy efficient.

It incorporates high efficiencies full spectrum led lights that will emit  of UV light.

The new device will be approximately 8" long, 10" deep and 6" high. We are working our hardest to keep the cost low and have a large number of devices available as  quickly and safely as possible.

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