Frequently asked questions

What is the TitanLabs CLEAN CASH MACHINE™?

A small device that uses UV light waves to kill viruses including the Covid-19 virus on cash. See more

Does it kill the Covid-19 virus?

Yes. The Covid-19 virus is killed when exposed to at least 6.5mj/cm^2 of UV light. The the clean machine exposes cash to 15mj/cm^2 of UV light.

How do I get more information?

Please feel free to contact us directly, with any additional questions!. We are currently a small scale operation and will get back to you as quickly as we can.

How do I get a TitanLabs CLEAN CASH MACHINE™?

We are currently taking reservations for the first round of manufacturing.Contact us to get on the reservation list or see us at soon).

How do you know it works?

We have done extensive in lab testing. See more here, and are currently working with the government in order to run tests with a controlled live Covid-19 virus sample.

How can I get one for home use?

Do want to make sure all the cash in your purse or wallet is as free of pathogens as possible and want a fast, safe, some might say fun way to insure that is the case then you may be interested in a TitanLabs CLEAN CASH MACHINE™ for home use.

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