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Using intense UVC light to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 during cash transactions


US Paper money is made primarily of cotton and linen, and has proven to be a good host for many pathogens including the virus that causes COVID-19. In about 1 second the TitanLabs Clean Cash Machine™ delivers sufficient¹ intense UVC light at 275nm to kill² the novel corona virus and many other pathogens that can live on US Paper Money. When used in a retail setting at the point of sale between the customer and the cashier the machine can protect employees, provide Clean Cash to customers and enable merchants to save on credit card processing fees.


“COVID-19 mainly spreads through droplets released into the air when someone who’s gotten infected coughs or sneezes. But it can also be contracted through the surfaces we come into contact with... including things you touch, like cash.”  Ellen Foxman (Yale’s Department of Laboratory Medicine) stated


It has always been the case that hand washing and surface disinfection are important tools used to prevent the transmission of infectious diseases. As it relates to the virus that causes COVID-19 this has been an important part of the public health measures taken to slow the spread. Now with the new potentially more infectious variants the need to keep surfaces we touch like cash disinfected as much as possible has never been more urgent.  

Furthermore the virus that caused Covid-19 can live longer on paper currency than almost every other surface studied - up to 4 days³.  On average low value bills change hands every 3-days⁴.



TitanLabs CLEAN CASH MACHINE™ which is

  • Safe: Will not exposing merchant or customer to dangerous levels of UVC Lgiht used to disinfet the cash.

  • Quick: Typically 1 second or less

  • Effective: delivers > 10mJ/cm² 275nm of UVC light to both sides of the bill to the kill² 99.9%¹ of the Covid-19 virus on cash.

  1. Source: Signify UV Light Degrades Coronavirus, Dr. Anthony Griffiths, Professor at Boston University School of Medicine. Published June 17-2020 LightED

  2. Kill is defined as the damage the virus RNA to a sufficient degree that it can no longer reproduce by infecting people.

  3. Chin A W H, Chu J T S, Perera M R A, et al. Stability of SARS-CoV-2 in different environmental conditions. Lancet Microbe 2020; published online April 2.

  4. SF Federal Reserve

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